Defines a link that will patch the current LiveView

Provides similar capabilities to Phoenix's built-in live_patch/2 function.

When navigating to the current LiveView, handle_params/3 is immediately invoked to handle the change of params and URL state. Then the new state is pushed to the client, without reloading the whole page. For live redirects to another LiveView, use <LiveRedirect> instead.

<LivePatch to="#">
  <i class="fa fa-link is-info"/>
  My link

# Label

<LivePatch label="My link" to="#"/>

# Public API

Name Description Type Values Default
to Required. The required path to link to.

replace The flag to replace the current history or push a new state.

:boolean false
class The CSS class for the generated <a> element.

:css_class ""
label The label for the generated <a> element, if no content (default slot) is provided.

opts Additional attributes to add onto the generated element.

:keyword []