Surface v0.9 released!

by Marlus Saraiva ・

surface releases liveview

Surface v0.9 is out! This version supports Liveview v0.18 and all its amazing new features.

We also released a v0.8.3 version for those who won't be able to migrate to LV v0.18 immediately but want to keep up-to-date with the latest fixes.

The changelog for both versions can be found here.

Pay attention that although we haven't introduced any breaking change, you may face compilation issues due to Phoenix moving some functions around, including a bunch of common functions that used to be placed in Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers but are now in Phoenix.Component.

Please make sure you read Liveview's CHANGELOG as well as the LiveView 0.18 Released blog post for further information regarding new features and deprecations.

Happy migration!